Events & Retreats

2016 Spring Permaculture Workshop Series Details

Reading the Land, Building Swales and Transplanting 
April 23 – 24

– Walk, talk and practice reading landscapes, observing and interacting several different landscapes with different elements at play.

– Layout multiple swale/ trails in an existing blueberry patch, improving human access, water-catchment, soil conditions, and harvests. Learn to construct your own A-frame level.

– Learn about ways to properly transplant, mulch and care for food-bearing perennials (particularly berry bushes and fruit trees), and gain hands-on experience transplanting and mulching.

– Talk about the theory and practice of sustainable forest & orchard management/ stewardship.

Cost: $125

Mushroom Log Inoculation Party 
April 30

– Tour a small/ medium size mushroom production yard and have a harvest “walk & talk”.

– Discuss selection of different trees for growing different mushrooms. Learn about the medicinal benefits of mushrooms and which ones are easiest to cultivate in your backyard.

– Gain experience and confidence in all phases of the inoculation process.

– Everyone will take home one free inoculated log. (Logs will also be for sale for those interested.)

– Potluck party

Cost: $45

Wild Foods Herb Walk & Fermentation Potluck 
May 7

– Take a walk through the woods and around the farm learning to identify spring ephemerals and connect with the medicinal bounty of our local flora and fauna. Learn to make simple Spring Herbal Tonics to cleanse and renew.

– Learn to make different kinds of fermented foods for the nutritionally-wise household. We’ll talk about the basics of fermentation and then jump into making different kinds of sauerkraut, kimchi, & kombucha. Everyone will take home a ferment you made during the day.

– Potluck party with different fermented foods & beverages.

Cost: $45

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