The Preserve at Elk Knob

Welcome to the Preserve at Elk Knob!


A little over ten years ago, we made a plan to one day leave our jobs as educators and use all our savings to preserve a little part of the mountains and make it a special place for perpetuity.

We strongly feel that Farmland Preservation is one of the best ways to preserve the scenic quality of our mountain landscapes, and when we acquired this land, we made a strong commitment to make scenic and ecological preservation the central priority for our stewardship of this special place.

To do this, we had to carefully select a few places to share with others and establish covenants and easements to protect the whole.

Today, The Preserve at Elk Knob is a special place reserved for agriculture, forest management, wildlife habitat, and simple recreational use of all three by some very special folks who greatly appreciate this type of simple rural lifestyle.

If you like this type of place we invite you to be a part. We have only ten more special places remaining, so contact us if you’re interested.



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