Trout Lily Farm

Welcome to Trout Lily Farm!


Trout Lily Farm is a small, organic homestead-farm located in the mountains of Southern Appalachia along the TN/NC border. We focus on growing, raising, & caring for heirloom apples & fruit trees, berries, vegetables, herbs, and animals. Part of our goal is to create a veritable Garden Of Eatin’ at our mountainous location of some 3700′ in elevation. We strive to implement Permaculture principles and design, while also incorporating Biodynamic preparations and a mindful awareness of how to best work with all the rhythms and cycles of nature. We truly believe that food is sacred, along with all of life, and we take great pride in our connections and relationship to this beautiful place we call home.


We use only organic growing methods, preparations, and feed to ensure a high-nutritive food quality that is free of any harmful pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical additives. We also work hard to achieve a high level of soil-fertility through composting, cover-croping, and mulching. Much of our cultivation is done by hand, the old-fashioned way, with generous applications of sweat and an abundance of loving care. At the end of the day, when we can look at our plates, knowing that much of the food we are about to consume has come from our own farm or from other local farmers & friends in the area, we know that our minds and bodies will surely be well nourished. The food that we raise is often used to feed guests staying at Kana’ti Lodge Vacation Retreat. And, we also provide small amounts of fresh, seasonal produce to various members of our local community, including those who are residents of The Preserve at Elk Knob.


Trout Lily Farm is also proud to be an experiential-based place for learning and connection. We are a Wwoofer host site, and are also listed on We offer seasonal & year-long internship opportunities for those who are interested in learning about a wide-range of topics including but not limited to the following: organic gardening, permaculture, Biodynamics, animal husbandry, forest management, homesteading, & the many facets of food, health, and nutrition.

We are not a production farm, therefore we do not have to worry about the pressures and stresses often associated with producing food for a living. We believe this provides for a more relaxed environment where people can not only learn about how to grow delicious wholesome food, but also about how to slow down and take in all of the bounty and abundance that nature has to offer, often healing and soothing the soul and spirit in the process.


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